iOS development

As an iOS application development company, we know how to leverage both rich functionality and attractive layouts to help you achieve this very goal – excellent user experiences.

Full-cycle iOS development services

Sanpills is here to turn your vision into a winning app designed to make users happy. And when your app is out there in the world, we’ll stay on board your team to take it to the next level. Here is what we do:

  • Mobile strategy
  • UI/UX design
  • Engineering
  • QA and testing
  • Ongoing enhancement

Why kick off your project with Sanpills

  • 70% of our team are seasoned senior devs who’ve mastered the art and science of iOS mobile app development, being part of diverse fast-growing projects.
  • We are big fans of functional reactive programming, which enables us to create resilient, responsive and scalable apps while significantly increasing productivity.
  • With our fully equipped test lab, your app has nothing to do but run smoothly on damn every Apple device.
  • 80% of our mobile developers are well-versed in both Android and iOS, and are able to port your native app from or to Android without any hassle.

Our almighty stack

Languages: Objective-C, Swift

Frameworks: PromiseKit, Realm Cocoa, Facebook tweaks, AsyncDisplayKit, AFNetworking, Kiwi, OHHTTPStubs, Mantle, ReactiveCocoa, Alamofire, Moya, RxSwift, ReSwift, SwiftyJSON, Argo, Bond

Development tools: Xcode, AppCode, Sketch

Got an idea for the next big thing? We are dying to know what it is!

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