Cross-platform development

When our clients kick off a new mobile project, it’s always their goals that dictate the choice of technologies. So, when we see native development is not the optimal option for your tasks, we deliver a cross-platform app, helping you to cut time-to-market and win more users without compromising quality.

Our grasp of latest technologies

We use the game-changing technologies that proved to push the limits of mobile cross-platform engineering.

  • React Native. Go for React Native development to get clean and fast apps that run on JavaScript and feel at home on both platforms. As true JS geeks, we really got to the bottom of this amazing framework.
  • Xamarin. The technology opens up in the hands of our .NET developers, who are particularly strong on the C# side.
  • PhoneGap/Cordova. PhoneGap application development becomes an easier choice if you know it earned quite a reputation due to rapid implementation capabilities and no licensing fees. We can wrap up a PhoneGap application and build custom plugins on top, if you feel like it.

When to go with cross-platform

Let’s face it – cross-platform isn’t for everyone because it hardly provides the same look, feel and performance as native apps boast. But if you put the cost and speed of delivery first, cross-platform is just your thing. Not sure yet? We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons.

We’ll help you decide

Making a well-weighted decision gets easier with experts on board your team. iTechArt will guide to the most feasible option, considering your goals, time and resources at hand. Be it native or cross-platform, we’ll make sure your app takes the most of what iOS and Android have to offer.

We can easily jump in at every stage of your project as a part of your on-site team or independently. Join the line-up of several mobile projects that we successfully delivered so far.

Get started with your killer app now!

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